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精恒存備了國內外知名高端機型的各種常用附件備件(日鋼、三菱、克勞 瑪菲、銘機、住友、發那科、東芝、日精等),讓終端用戶在出現意外急需配件的情況下,節省中間測量、定制環節。從而提高客戶的生產效率。

Jingheng has equipped various common spare parts for accessories of domestic and foreign famous high-end machine models (JSW, Mitsubishi, Krauss maffei, Meiki, Sumitomo, Fanuc, Toshiba and Nissei), so that the end users can save the measured time and customization steps in case of any accidentally urgent need of accessories, and then the customer's production efficiency can be improved sequentially.

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